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Trees and Mountains



Hey! I’m Shammah the proud owner of Vegan Friendly Tours! I’m passionate about veganism, & entertainment! This is why I’m also a professional photographer, musician, actor, and full time fun loving vegan! 


Before I moved to Los Angeles, California, I spent 4 years in New York City doing professional photography, studying film and television acting, and performing at music concerts. All while doing that I lived a vegan friendly lifestyle! 

Vegan Friendly Tours was created to combine entertainment & veganism, and give non-vegans, friendly, healthy, fun experiences around veganism.


 Over time I noticed some restaurants don’t cater to people that are vegan, or have other diet restrictions. In fact, there have been a lot of times I’d go out with friends to eat, but there was nothing there for me so I’d just watch, and after a while I didn’t expect to eat when going to restaurants, so instead I’d only go to fellowship with friends. Although sometimes when I got really hungry I would find out what they had for vegans, and as you can imagine the servers weren’t always friendly, and the restaurants didn’t always have something. However there were some places where they were friendly, and had vegan friendly options, and when they did it felt really special to me, and that’s a feeling I want to share with the world.


So come join me on a Vegan Friendly Tour, and let’s have a friendly, healthy, fun experience together, because this is where veganism meets entertainment!

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